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Q. How many hormones from the below list interact with intracellular receptors and regulate chromosome function and gene expression. GH, Oxytocin, ADH, ANF, Aldosterone, Cortisol, Thyroxin, Epinephrine, Estradiol, GnRH, Progesterone

   (1) Four                      (2) Five                   (3) Six                 (4) Seven 

Dear Student, 

Lipid soluble hormones diffuse through plasma membrane of cells and bind to intracellular receptors and alter gene expression. 

Lipid soluble hormones are :   

  1. Estradiol 
  2. Epinephrine
  3. Progesterone
  4. Aldosterone
  5. Cortisol
  6. Thyroxin 
Water soluble hormones are :   
  1. GnRH
  2. GH
  3. ADH
  4. Oxytocin 
  5. ANF
Thus, from the given list of hormones, only 6 are lipid soluble hormones which bind intracellular receptors and regulate chromosomal function and gene expression. 

Option (3) is correct.



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