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Q. Practice three sets of editing, omission and jumbled words.

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Word omission

Born  into Jewish family on March 14,                                                 e.g. into  Jewish
1879, in Germany,Einstein early speech                                             (a)Einstein had early
difficulties—still, he was a topper the elementary                                (b) topper in the
school. When Albert was five, father                                                    (c)five, his father
showed a pocket compass. Albert realised                                          (d) showed him a
that something empty space was moving                                            (e) something in empty
the needle later stated this experience                                                 (f) needle .He later
made a deep and lasting impression him.                                            (g) impression on him
The year 1905 was very fortunate Einstein.                                         (h) fortunate for Einstein

a) Rajan and his friends planning a trip                                           (a) friends were planning 
b)during the summer vacations .While all them                                   (b) all of them    
c)were keen to get from the heat,none could suggest                         (c) get away from 
d)which place to visit .It only a draw of                                                (d) it was only 
lots which could finally decide the matter.                                           (e) finally help decide

3. There was a rich old man who in a palace.                                   (a) who lived
There also lived poor man in a hut.                                                   (b) lived a poor 
He on crumbs of food given by others                                               (c) he fed on 
but he cheerful and never complained                                               (d) he was cheerful 

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