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Q. The lesson, 'On the Face of it', is an apt depiction of the loneliness and sense of alienation experienced by people on account of a disability. Explain.

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Both Derry and Mr Lamb in the chapter aptly brings out the loneliness and sense of alienation on account of their physical impairment. The pain and inconvenience brought upon by their disabilities is often lesser than the feelings of alienation. Derry was a young boy who suffered from negative complexes due to his burnt face. His pessimistic attitude and self pity were signs that the roots of his deformity ran deep. His anger and frustration made him an introvert and suspicious of the intention of other people. Mr Lamb, on the other hand, craved company and acceptance. Though he was jovial and optimistic, he was also a sensitive person. Their deformities did not restrict to their bodies, but also affected their mind and soul.

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