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​Q1. When Cl2O7 is heated to temperature T, it dissociates as Cl2O7 (g)   Cl2O5(g) + O2(g); Kc1. At the same time, Cl2O5 also decomposes as : Cl2O5(g)  Cl2O(g) + 2O2 (g) +2O2(g) ; Kc2. If initially 5 moles of Cl2O7 are taken in a 1.0 litre flask and allowed to attain equilibrium, concentrations of Cl2O5 and O2 were found to be 0.5M and 2M respectively. Then, identify the CORRECT option :

      (A) Kc1 = 0.25 M             (B) [Cl2O7]eq = 4M                 (C) [Cl2O]eq = 0.5M           (D) Kc2= 2M2

Cl2O7 ------------ Cl2O5 +O2 (5-x). (x-y) (x+2y ) Cl2O5 -------------- Cl2O +2O2 (x-y) y (2y+x) Concentration of Cl2O5 is given that is 0.5 M and concentration of O2 is 2 M Concentration = moles at equillrium / volume 0.5= x-y 2=X+2y Equate the equation and from there we get x=1 & y= 0.5 [Cl2O7] =moles / volume = 5-x = 4M And Kc1 = 0.25 M & [Cl2O] is 0.5M Therefore and D is incorrect This is the question of simultaneous equilibrium
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