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​Q4. In the given figure,  ABC circumscribes the circle with centre O. 
        State whether the following statement is True or False. Give reason also.
  "If AB + CQ = 8 cm, then the perimeter of ​ ABC is 14 cm."

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Let AP=x, BP=z and RC=yGiven: AB+CQ=8 cmClearly, we can see that AB, AC and BC are the tangents to the circle.Then,  AP=AR=x Similarly,RC=QC=yBP=BQ=zNow, Perimeter of ABC=sum of all sidesPerimeter of ABC=x+y+z+x+y+zPerimeter of ABC=2x+y+zsince AB+CQ=AP+PB+CQ=x+y+zgiven AB+CQ=8hence 2x+y+z=2×8=16Hence Perimeter of ABC=16 cmTherefore given statement is false.

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