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​Q5. Which of the following statement is true 

       (1) FeCO3 and Fe3C are organometallic compounds.

       (2) In ferrrocene ligand is cyclopentadienyl.

       (3) Pb (C2H5)4 is  π -bonded OMC

       (4) In zeise salt central metal is Sp​3 hybridised.

Dear Student,

Correct answer is option 2 because if  we see the structure of  ferrrocene , we can find cyclopentadienyl (Cp) as a anionic ligand  in ferrrocene , whose formula is C5H5. The structure is shown below:-

FeCO3 and Fe3C are not organometalic compounds
Pb (C2H5)4 is not π-bonded OMC​
In Zeise salt central metal atom pt is dsp2 hybridised.
Hence Correct Statement is In ferrrocene ligand is cyclopentadienyl.​
Hence option 2 is correct.




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