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QA. Answer the following questions : 

    Q1. What did Kaushalya say to Dusharatha after Ram had departed from Ayodhya ?

    Q2. What were the last words spoken by Dasharatha ?

    Q3. How did Bharata look when he reached the palace ?

    Q4. Why was Bharata amazed and angry with his mother ?

    Q5. Why did Shatrughna want to kill Manthara ?

    Q6. What did Bharata do when the funeral rites fo Dasharatha were performed ?

    Q7. Where was Ram living ?

    Q8. Why did Ram not accept Bharata's request ?

    Q9. What did Ram give to Bharata as a token of love ?


it is not same text bokk for me so i am sorry
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Lord Rama is god ,and the purpose of incarnating on earth was to make sure peace prevails and evil perish.he was exiled for a good reason as it killed the evil demon ravana.from this i hope you have found an answer to these questions.
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What were the last words. spoken by dasharatha
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I don't know we don't know you find
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Please find this answer

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