Solve this SCIENCE Of Disaster contingency Plan prepare a contingency Plan either for your school or unity. The should be based on an actual survey of your locality or school. The prepared stuld consist of the following map, inventory of resources available and a seasonal calendar highlighting the seasons prone to various hazards prevalent in that A school map A resource map A vulnerability map on the outline map of your locality Local area maps can be procured from BDO office. Project should developed and presented this order Cover page showing project title, schools name, student's name class and section an mÉmic session (year) List of contents wit' page number (approx...15 pages) Acknowledgements : Acknowledging institution, offices and libraries visited and people wb helped. "r0Jet1 overview: Purpose, aim methodology and experience while doing the project •hapters with relevant headings. —nary and condusions based on findings. should have the title, pages referred, author, publisher, year of publication ••Äb9te, the name of the website with a specific link Which has been used. SANSKRIT

Such detailed projects cannot be solved in meritnation. If you have specific questions about the project, ask them. Please do not post the entire project questions here.

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