Solve this: SUBJECT : SCIENCE Do the following questions: PHYSICS & CHEMISTRY 4. 6. 12. 13. 14. 15 16 17 19 20. What iS corrosion? What iS the reason Of taste Change Oily exposed to What iS double displacement What iS baking soda? Write its preparatory reacticm and its What iS the basic difference Strong acid and weak base? Why iS required during fomatiOn and which law IS with it? What do you mean by Change during Chemical reaction? Why we fill nitrogen in the tyres and what are the E*nefits Of it? What iS galvarmtion which types Of metals are required fm- this? What do mean by the term water Of Crystallization? Explain with the example. A piece Of wire Of resistance R iS Cut into five equal parts. These are then connected in parallel. If the equivalent resistance Of this combination iS R', then the ratio RJR' iS Of Current I in a given resistor the corresponding values Of potential difference V the given below — I O. S 2.0 4.0 V (volts) 1.6 3.4 67 10.2 112 many 176 n resiStM'S (in parallel) are required to Carry S A a 220 V line? Explain following. (a) Why iS the used almost exclusively for filament Of electric lamps? (b) Why are the conductors Of electric heating devices Such as bread-toasters and irons, made Of an alloy rather than a pure metal? (c) Why iS the Series not used for domestic Circuits? (d) the resistance Of a wire vary with its area Of Cross-section? (e) Why are copper and usually for electricity A copvkr wire diameter O. S mm and reSISt1Vity Of 1.6 10—8 n m. What will the length Of this wire to make its resistance I n? How much does the resistance Change if the diameter is doubled? An electric refrigerator rated 400 W operates 8 hour/day. What iS the COSt Of the energy to operate it for go days at RS g 00 kW h? Why the Of an electric heater glow while the heating element does? Compare the used in the 2 resistor in Of the follcm•ing Circuits: (i) a 6 V battery in Series mth I n and 2 n resistors, and (ii) a 4 V battery mth 12 and 2 n What are the advantages Of CCHtneCting electrical devices in parallel with the battery Of them in series? electric iron consumes energy at a rate Of 840 W when heating iS at the maxim mn rate and W when the heatmg iS at the minimm. voltage iS 220 V. What are the Cu-rent and the resistance in each case. Write practlcal perform in the p rxtical (Chemistry)and physics (Ohm'S law BIOLOGY- 10 What is peptic ulcer? How is peptic ulcer caused? Why are white blood corpuscles called soldiers of the body? Why are white blood corpuscles called soldiers of the body? "Explain the statement does not contain any enzyme butitisessential for dige stion." State the functions of the following components of transport system: (i)BIood (ii)Lymph Give the role of liver in the human beings. Define the Nutrition and (ii) Nutrients. List two differences between holozoic nutrition and saprophytic nutrition. Give two examples of each of these two types of nutrition. Why do veins have thin walls as compared to arteries? What is the function of trachea? Why do its wall not collapse even when there is less air in it? (i)What is ultrafiltration? How does it txcur?

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Q1 Corrosion is the process in which metals, are deteriorated by action of air, moisture, chemicals etc. Corrosion causes damage to car bodies, bridges, iron railings, ships and all objects made of metals.
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