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Ritu and her friends went on a school tour to Uttarakhand. As the bus moved past the circular, sharp turns on the narrow roads elevating the mountains at fast speed, everyone in the bus felt that they were moving in a circular motion. Suddenly, Ritu began to feel dizzy and started vomiting. The teacher accompanying them made her lie down and rest peacefully rather than rushing. He also explained the reason to them with a scientific explanation. 
Answer following questions:
(1)  Why did Ritu started feeling dizzy all of a sudden?
(2)  Which sensory organ get affected while moving up at high altitudes and where is it located inside our ear?
(3)  What values are reflected by the teacher? 

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1. Ritu started feeling dizzy all of a sudden because the bus was moving to high altitude. At the high altitude, atmospheric pressure is comparatively low. So, the oxygen does not bind to the haemoglobin efficiently. And hence, there is the lack of oxygen in the body tissues, which causes dizziness.

2. Sensory organ which is affected while moving up on high altitudes is eutaschian tube in ear. It gets clogged (clogging of ear) and leads to discomfort or sometimes pain in ears.

3. Values reflected by teacher are: Kind, caring, helpful, knowledgeable etc.

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