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  1. The child who is a poet has completed the age of eleven. He has gained a certain level of maturity and can view adults from a different perspective. He describes adults as hypocrites (not practising what they preach), shrewd (crooked) and having double opinions (that is based on their favor of people). He is disappointed that their lives are very different from what they preach and teach. Though they talk about love and its significance, it is absent in their lives. Therefore, he sees them in a critical manner and comprehends about the artificiality of their lives.
  2. The poet says that he has completed the age of eleven and has moved out from the infant stage and his childhood days. At the start, he used to rely on adults for guidance, but now he sees the world in a different way. He can analyse the character of adults who seem to live opposite of what they preach. His childhood is gone to a forgotten and hidden place and a new maturity has taken control over him.
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