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Solve this: .4 change. i" or may b" poveny who go tradition Of not sending girls school. E n 'he to complete their ati for made at a age. only who are elementary edusation. a ft..' school out of every VI". The challenge before us is to devise a system that is , to educate every child in the country. 3. Identify possessive adjectives, demonstrative adjectives and adjectives in the following sentences. Possessive adjective a. His bag is bigger than yours. b. This is a yellow rose. I like this flower very much. c. What do you like most among these dresses and which dress does d. This house belongs to my grandfather. e. Who doesn't love their teacher? f. Geetha invited me to her birthday. bought this book for her. g. I haven't yet decided which dress I'm going to wear to that party. h. These are my favourite posters. My uncle gave them to me. *Position and Order of Adjectives POSITION OF ADJECTIVES 1. Attributive position: In this position the adjective is placed just before the called so because the adjective here describes the noun. Examples: A. Ramesh is a generous boy. B. Humaira is an efficient teacher. 2. Predicative position: In this position the adjective is placed after linking verb, such as be, become, seem, look, appear, and so on. It is called so because it is a part of the predicate. Examples: A. Lopa seems ill today. B. You look great. that

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Given below are the answers to your questions.

b. this - demonstrative adjective
c. what, which - interrogative adjective; these - demonstrative adjective
d. this - demonstrative adjective; my - possessive adjective
e. who - interrogative adjective; their - possessive adjective
f. her - ​possessive adjective; this - demonstrative adjective
g. which - demonstrative adjective; that - demonstrative adjective
h. these - demonstrative adjective; my - ​possessive adjective

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