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Solve this: Formation of Adjectives Adjectives can be by suffixes to root words. Some 'sitive below: a. bear + able b, front + c. spite + ful bearable frontal . spiteful d. danger + ous • dangerous crafty e. craft. y f. whole + *'me — wholesome reddish g. red + is/' h. day ly — daily 5. Make new adiectives by adding suffixes to the words given below and in sentences. a. comfort f. taste c. love d. economic e. envy b. dead j. fool i. lone g. gloss h. sleep ADJECTIVES WITH PREFIXES Prefixes such as dis-, im-, in-, il-, ir-, un-, and so on can be added to form adjectives. Look at the following examples: a. dis + honest c. in + efficient e. ir + responsible — dishonest inefficient irresponsible b. im + possible d. il + logical f. un + certain impossible illogical 6. Make negative adjectives using prefixes. a. worthy c. engaging e. mindful g. regular i. pure b, polite d. legal f. reliable h. comfortable . historical ADJECTIVES

Dear Student,

a. unworthy
b. impolite
c. unengaging
d. illegal
e. unmindful
f. unreliable
g. irregular
h. uncomfortable
i. impure
j. unhistorical


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Q-5 a. Comfortable b. Deadly c. Loveable f. Tasty h. Sleeping/sleepy i. Lonely
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