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Solve this: 2. Read the following passage and identify the adjectives of quality, adjectives of quantity and adjectives of number and make a list of them. mighty (adjective of quality) king. He had twelve 'Once upon a time there was a beautiful daughters. They slept in twelve beds, all in one room. When they went to bed, the doors were shut and locked up. However, every morning their shoes were found to be soiled as if they had been dancing through all night. Nobody could find out how it happened, or where the princesses had been. So the king declared that if any person could discover the secret and find out where the princesses danced in night, he would let the person marry the princess of his choice. The magnanimous king would also make the person the king after his death. But if someone tried and failed to discover the secret after three days and nights, he would be sentenced to death. The first visitor after this announcement was a prince. While watching over the princesses he fell asleep on all three nights. According to the royal announcements, he was sentenced to death. Several others also tried to find out the secret of the pretty princesses but each person failed. Most people fell asleep while waiting to catch the princesses,

Quality; soiled, royal, pretty, beautiful
Quantity:Several, most, each, once
Number :twelve, three, first
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  • Quantity- several, most, each, one
  • Quality- beautiful, soiled, magnanimous, pretty
  • Number- twelve, three, first
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