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Solve this: HCF of the Exercise Factorise the following (1 to 8) polynomials, (I) 8Xy3 + 12x2y2 3. (t) 25abc2- 15a2b2c 4. lox 5. (1) 18p2q2 — 24"2 + 30p2q + 8(r + 2y)2 (it) — 9ax2 (it) 4x• — 6x-2 (it) x2yz + ry2z • (iO 14mn + 22m — CTORISING BY GROUPING OF TERMS the grouping Of terms of the given polynomial gives rise to common fa 'en olvnomial can be factorised by the following procedure in such a way that ea

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7.i 6 x+2y3 + 8 x+2y2=2 x+2y2  3x+2y + 4=2 x+2y x+2y 3x+6y+4    ANS...ii 14a-3b3 - 21pa-3b=7 a-3b 2a-3b2 - 3p =7 a-3b  2 a-3b2 - 3p2 =7 a-3b 2a-3b+3p 2a-3b-3p       Since x2-y2=x+yx-y =7 a-3b 2a-32b+3p 2a-32b-3p    ANS...Please ask single query in single thread.
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