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Solve this: i. A rectangular plot m and 60 m all around. Find the to be laid with 7. length and the of 6 •l cm respectively. Find t!x• height of a triangle whose base is 6 cm is timei that of the rectangle. S. many tiles. of 4m Will to pave a fcotpath which is 2 m and Surmunds a 2S m and 13 tn wide ? g. The of enclusing a rectangular garden with a fence round. ratc of 75 paisc is If lhc the is 120 metres. find Of the field in JO. The width of a rectangular rcom is — Of its length. x, and its is y. Write an equation Cannecting x and the of the when the is 4400 Cm. Thc length or a rectangular is 3 m than its breadth. numerical or Its area equal 10 the numerical value or its (i) Taking x as the breadth of the vuandah. wnte an equaticm in x that represents [he above (ii) Solve the equation in (i) and hence find the dimensions of the verandah. 12. Tbc diagram. given below. shows two paths drawn inside a rectangular field 80 m long and 45 m wide _ The Widths of the two paths m and m as shown, sha&d portion. 13_ The rate fora 1•20 m wide carpet is 40 per metre; find the cost of covering a hall 45 rn long and 32 m wide with this canxt. Also, find the cost of carpeting the sarne hall if the carpet, 80 cm wide, is at 25 metre. 14. find area and perimeter of a square plot of land, the length of whose diagonal is IS 25 Give your correct (0 2 place of IF The shaded region of the diagr.m represents the lawn 'he form Of On three sides of tbc arc 'lower. beds having 2 (i) Find the length and breadth of Ibe (ii) Hence, or find the area Of the no wer•beds 16, A Which 15m x 8m is 19. 20. 21. laid with measuring 50 x 2_SCtn- Flud the Of tiles required, Further. if a is laid on the floor 50 that of I m exists its and the of the what fraction Of uncovered, adjacent sides of are 24 cm and 18 cm. the between longer Sides Ls 12 between shorter sides. Two adjacent Of a 12 If diagonal Of it is long; find Mea of parallelogram. Also. find the its The Mea a rbombus is 216 sq. cm. its one diagonll is 24 cm; find (i) length of its Other (ii) length uf its side. (iii) perimeter Of rhombus. perimeter of a is 52 cm. If onc diagonal is 24 cm: find : (i) length of its duigonal, (iii its •Itie perimeter of a rhombus is 46 cm. If the height of the rhombus is S cm; find its area. 22. Ibe figure below shows the cross-section of a concretc structure. Calculate the area of cross-scction if AB m. CD = 0-6 m, DE m. 1-2m.

A square lawn is surrounded by a path 2.5 M wide if the area of the path is 165 m square find the area of the lawn
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two side of a triangle are 8 cm and 11cm and its perimeter is 32cm find the area of the triangle
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