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Solve this: REVIEW QUESTIO MULTIPLE CHOICE (Choose the best option out four alternatives a, b. c and d) l. lhe nurnber of chromosornes in a certain of cell division is halved. Ihis kind Of cell division (b) only ova•y (a) only testis (c) ovary and testis (d) cel Is 2. In which one of the following options the two stages of mitosis have been given in correct sequence ? (a ) Prophase. (b) . tel+ase (c ) Anaphase. telor-*-.ase (d) TekT*iasc•. anaphase 3. Synthesis phase in cell cycle iAßalled so for the synthesis of more of (a) RNA DNA (b) RNA 2. 3. 4. B. VERY SHORT ANSHV,R TYPE l. Imagine one cell (A) has undergone one mitotic division and another cell (B) has completed its meiotic division. How many cells would the two cell A:. cell B: 2. Match the events given in A with the phase M. (a

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(1) In meiosis number of chromosomes becomes half after division. This type of division takes place in gamete forming cells which are found in testis and ovaries. So, option (c) is correct.
(2) Correct sequence of stages of mitosis is- Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase. So, option (c) is correct.
(3) Synthesis phase of cell cycle is called so for the sythesis of more of DNA. So, option (c) is correct.

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(1)c (2)c (3)c
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