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Solve this: below How many questions attempted QO has been 'osing minutes every day, then how much daws ago' Raneem and Ajmal went for a picnic Their mothe' gave 'hem water bottle that contained % water consumed - part of water Raheem consumed the 012 Anureads part of a book jn dav How much part of the book she read .n - school. -of the students are boys If the school has a strength of 620 students how man. ota cake He ate - Of What part of the whole cake d'd eat' of length —z cm •s cut 'n to two pieces What is the length Of each ptece' 22 kg Of mangoes 'SRS 88, what the cost of One kg Of mangoes' 7 the product' (d) 100 1000 (f) 12 100 Her mother 1 12 times heavier than her Eind her mother's

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17 a) 2.47×100=247100×100=24718) Weight of Renu=27.5 kgWeight of her mother=1.12×27.5 kg=112×2751000=112×1140=28×1110=30810=30.8 kgThus, the weight of her mother is 30.8 kg


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