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Solve this: and donunance. In [his type genotypic is same and is Many organisms show Long Answer Questions: l. Describe the steps or procedure of 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Mendel •s experiments with suitable example. Why did Mendel select garden pea for his experiments? Explain the characteristics of pea. State and explain the Law of dominance with suitable example. State and explain Mendel's second Law of inheritance. What is dihybrid cross'? Explain with suitable example and checker board method. What is an independent assortment? Explain with suitable example. What is test cross? Explain the significance of test cross. Short Answer Questions: l. Enlist seven traits in pea selected by Mendel. ve graphic representation of monohybrid cross. • Explain why law of segregation is also called law of purity of gametes. Why law of inde pendent assortment is not versally applicable? 17

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