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Solve this. Bond angle 40. C2H4 + H202 x. What is x 1. 2. (1) CH30H (2) C H50H (4) CH4 SECTION - C Previous Years Questions The ease of adsorption of the hydrates of alkali meta ions on an ion-exchange resins follows the order Hydrogen is prepared from H20 by adding x11)--Cä, which acts as reducing agent duo -f (2) A1, which acts as oxidising agent (3) Ag, which acts as reducing agent (4) Au, which acts as oxidising agent The hydride ion H- is stronger base that hydroxide ion OH-. Which of the following rea „ r (NaH) is dissolvi

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C2H4 + H2O2 CH2OH-CH2OHAnswer is Option (3)

There are two ways of preparing hydrogen from water molecules,

Calcium reaction in water is very slow unless the temperature is increased to fastenthe reaction.Ca+2H2O H2+Ca(OH)2Amalgamated aluminium palys a role in decomposition of cold water for hydrogenproduction it wont in hot water2Al+6H2O2Al(OH)3+3H2
Hence the correct answer is Option (A) Ca, acts as reducing agent.

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