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Solve this: the blanks- The of a inte«er and a negattve integer a It') The of two negatives is The product 01 a negative intege' and zero The negatwe of an integer is the same integer Qa A man had Rs 'n his bank account He withdrew PS 900 davfot 10 the balance tus account afte' 10 days; QS A shopkeeper earns a profit of Rs 2 by selling one pen and incurs a loss Of 30 per pencil sel"ng pencils of her old stock (a) In a particular month she incurred a Of RS 10 In th•s perrod. she sold 45 pens she sell •n th.s period' [b) In the nest month, she earns neither profit nor loss it she sold 80 pens„ how marw penols did she - r 06 The temperature at 2 p m was 22 'C above tero 't the rate Of per r' rught. at what "me would the temperature be 2'C below tero' 07 Write any three paws it integers (a,b) such that a b 2 Q8 In a class test marks are oven for every CO'rert answe• and answer and no marks for no' attempting question maris answers, how many questions has she attempted incorrect/" ' she has got 7 correct answers How many questions has She 09, if a clock has been losing minutes every day, then how

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7) Given condition is a÷b=-2i) when (a,b)=(2,-1)2÷-1=-2 ii)  when (a,b)=(-6,3)-6÷3=-2iii)  when (a,b)=(18,-9)18÷-9=-2

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