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Solve this: I. In the following sentences, phrases are underlined. Write the type oi each phrase. a. A captain is considered the leader of a team. Noun phrase Verb phrase Noun phrase Prepositional phrase b. The paintings are very beautiful. c. talk yery-anusjn_gly. d. Namrata can run very fast. e. A—cuing-stone gathers no moss. Clauses

Dear Student,
Given below are the answers to your questions.

b. The paintings - noun phrase; in the Ajanta caves - noun phrase; are very beautiful - adjective phrase; verb phrase
c. Characters from Walt Disney cartoon - noun phrase; very amusingly - adjective phrase
d. Namrata - noun phrase; can run - verb phrase; very fast - adverb phrase
e. A rolling stone - noun phrase; gathers no moss - verb phrase.

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