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Solve this. Q. 14. (i) Differentiate between adsorbtion and absorption. (ii) Out of M gC12 and AIC13, which one is more effective in causing coagulati( negatively charged sol and why? (iii) Out of Sulphur sol and proteins, which one forms multimolecular colloids? Q. 15. (i) Name the method of refining of metals such as germanium. (ii) In the extraction Of A1, impure 111203 is dissolved in conc. NaOH to form s aluminate and leaving impurities behind. What is the name Of this process% (iii) What is the role Of coke in the extraction Of iron from its markv Q. 16' Calculate e.m.f of the following cell at 298K: 3 rkS 2cr(s) + 3Fe2+(O.1M) —4 2CF+(0.01M) + 3Fe(s) -O. 74V EO(Fe2+lFe) - -0.44V Given : EO(Cr3+ Cr) — Q. 17. Give reasons: (I) Mn shows the highest oxidation state of +7 With oxygen but with fluorine it sh the highest oxidation state of +4. (ii) Transition metals show variable oxidation states. (iii) Actinoids show irregularities in their electronic configuration. mnrks Q. IS. Write the main product (s) in each of the following reaction.' 3 nnirks CHs- CH3 (i)B2H6 (iii) (i)aq. NaOH Q. 19. Write the structures of A, B and C in the followinü.• _i.iiarks a, .q_Ko'1 Download More @

Dear Student,

The computation is expressed below,

(16) From the cell construction we know difference of reductant and oxidant gives the cell potential as below,

Ecell = -0.44 -(-0.74) = +0.30 V


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