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The answer is "The elders of the village warned Tenali's Raman's mother about him as he was very mischievous and was always playing pranks on people. Tenali Raman liked making fun of others and started mocking even the elders of the village. Hence the enraged elders warned his mother that he would be cast out from the village, if she did not rectify tenali’s prankful behaviour.

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Which chapter and the handwriting is not clear
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hand writing is not clear...
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Uf yaar itna sundar handwritting yeh ginius book mein jana chahiye
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Hey Prashant,
Your writing is good and i am able to understand it.
@everyone, kindly do not say bad things about @prashant's handwriting.
Prashant, could you please tell me your question is from which class' textbook with the book's and chapter's name so that if possible, i could help you!
Hope to see your question along with all the details!
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