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Solve this: vvnlle taking a stroll one evening you come acr desperate whining ofa drowning pup. Describe how you went about rescuing the animal. Q2 letter writing Formal l) An Organization has advertised scholarship for study in reputed colleges in India Write a letter applying for a scholarship and stating why you consider yourself suitable for the same. 2) A park in your locality is slowly being as a rubbish dump. Write a letter to the Mayor of your city pointing out the nuisance and danger of this. Request that action be taken to stop this immediately. Informal 1) You have recovered from a long illness. Write about your experience to your cousm. 2) You are to participate in a dance competition and need some help. Write a letter to your friend requesting his or her assistance.

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write a letter to your friend showing your sympathy and condolence upon his recovering from illness
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