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Solve this: The angry spirit kept howling night and day but Paracelsus was happy because he had saved the City people and also got the two phials filled with magic potions. a. Answer the following questions: 1. Who was calling Paracelsus from the fir-tree? 1121 2. on What condition did Paracelsus promise to set the spirit 3. Why was Paracelsus regretting what he had done? 4. What did the spirit get for Paracelsus from the hole in the 5. Describe the spirit in your own words. 6. Why do you think magician had imprisoned the spirit the fir- b. There are three people mentioned in this story. Read the story carefully and write as many adjectives as you can about them. You can Choose from the passage as well as some of 1. Paracelsus [31 2. Spirit 3. Magician c. Imagine you are Paracelsus. Rewrite the whole storyasifyou are narrating it. II. Make new adjectives by adding suffixes, and frame your sentences with given words: 1. Advise: 2. Contempt: 3. Harm: 4. Fault: 5. Danger: Ill. Rewrite the following paragraph with proper punctuation marks and capitalization wherever required: (5] Are you armed lestrade the little detective smiled as long as i have my trousers i have a hip pocket and as long as i have something in it good my friend and i are also ready for emergencies you re mighty close about this affair mr holmes whats the game now a waiting game my word it does not seem a very cheerful place said the detective with a shiver glancing round him at the gloomy slopes of the hill and at the huge lake of fog which lay over the grimpen mire i see the lights of a house ahead of us that is merripit house and the end of our journey I must request you to walk on tiptoe and not to talk above a whisper

Dear Student,
Given below is the answer to your 2 question. Kindly post the other in a separate thread.

1. advise - advisory. The advisory board met in the conference hall.
2. contemptible. His words and actions were contemptible to others.
3. harmful. UV rays are harmful to the human body.
4. faultless. He was found faultless by the government.
5. dangerous. He is a dangerous man.

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