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Solve this: e. several students of our school i. the vegetable garden nearby g. the tedious walk ahead h. his first hundred errors . y Identify the different types of nouns in the sentences given below. a. Throughout my I never got into a or a or any other common noun common noun common noun abstract noun b. I walked on through green paddy tirlds where ripe , grew. c. I met people, made and was happy. d. My new invited me to their with lot of love and lion. e. I spent time with them and met other members of their i.trnily, f. I was offered honey, and other crops as parting g. The Oi my friends is still fresh in my mind. h, Those memories help me lift my spirit whenever I feel sad and depressed. 5. Identify the type of the highlighted pronouns by choosing from the three alternatives given. a. Is the red coat yours? ii. (Possessive pronou@) iii. Demonstrative pronoun i. Personal pronoun b. Preetesh was driving the car fine till he ran it into the wall. i. Indefinite pronoun ii. Personal pronoun iii. Possessive pronoun c. I went to see Judy and Jack, but neither was home. ii, Distributive pronoun iii. Indefinite pronoun i. Possessive pronoun d. I bought ten mangoes and h one is very sweet. iii. Personal pronoun i. Distributive pronoun ii. Indefinite pronoun e. She knows the man whom she met at the theatre yesterday. i. Interrogative pronoun ii. Relative pronoun iii. Possessive pronoun f. She will blame herselt for the accident. interest tn university. pupil with . . Make b. star finance e. h. fear i. Relative pronoun ii. Reflexive pronoun iii. Indefinite pronoun g. Thiq is the school where I studied. i. Demonstrative pronoun ii. Personal pronoun iii. Distributive pronoun h. Whig h is your favourite boold i. Demonstrative pronoun ii. Interrogative pronoun iii. Relative pronoun cu EC K YOUR

Dear Student,
Given below are the answers to the fourth question.

b. roads, fields, crops - common noun
c. people, friends - common noun
d. friends, home - common noun; love, affection - abstract noun
e. time - abstract noun; family - common noun
f. honey, cheese, rice - proper noun; gifts - common noun
g. memory, mind - abstract noun
h. memories, spirit - abstract noun

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