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Solve this: pronoun Which is A. Fill in the blanks With suitable personal pronouns 2. Mary is my sister. 3. Saroja never goes to parties. 4. We saw them but 5. | don't know Mr Natesen. Do you know Co m pl ete these sentences by filling suitable possessive pronou theirs his hers mine yours 1. You can give my book to Annie. She has lost 2. I am not going to share my ice-creamswithyou.ihey areb• 3. Paul is outside. He is playing with a friend of 4. You can't take this bicycle. It Q" "No they are' ' 'Jatin, are these books 5. Underline the reflexive pronounsinthesesentences. 1. \NesE It feeds itself. 1. 3. I help myself. They did the sums themselves.

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