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Solve this: 3. Identify the demonstrative adjectives and demonstrative pronouns in the following story. Make separate lists of phrases containing demonstrative adjectives and demonstrative pronouns. Ihjs (démoostraitive adjective) story was told by my grandmother when I was in Cl VI. This is a story ofa brave girl. The girl lived in a small village with her family. In th Village, there was no electricity in those days. One evening, she was playing with her brother in the courtyard and he suddenly shouted 'Sister look at those shadows—th are ghosts!' The little girl looked up and saw her brother pointing towards their garde 'Those are only trees,' she said, with a smile. She was also scared but She didn't tell that to her brother. After her brother went to bed at night she came out of her house silently. She walked towards the garden. This was a night of full moon and there was moonlight everywhere. Slowly she entered the garden and went near the place where her brother saw those shadows. As soon as she reached there, she burst into loud laughter. 'So that was my brother's ghost!' she thought. Do you know what she saw? It was the shadow of a tall banana plant with frayed leaves. This plant was moving to and fro in the breeze. In the pale evening light, this plant's shadow had appeared to be a woman wearing a hood and dancing. RELATI relative pr0n Example: In 4. rot The to Fill in t a. All t b. The c. The d, The e. Th

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