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Solve this: in L Capitalin• full muks a shall go b. i want you hue a the c. living in delhi 1999 d. i last train e. my visited and scotland f. how m m y the g. have seen the indian ocean h. mv Sister is her ph d thesis after completing an m a chennai university i. when is your birthday j. dr mahindra had dcme his mbbs from kolkata medical college PUNCTUAnoN MARK FOR DEMARCATION OF LANGUAGE UNITS WITHIN THE Comma L] A comma is used for

Dear Student,
Given below is the answer to your question.

b. "Mother, I want you to have a look at the essay I wrote."
c. Anushka has been living in Delhi, since 1999.
d. Alas! I missed the last train.
e. My uncle visited London and Scotland last summer.
f. Look how yummy the food looks!
g. Have you seen the Indian Ocean?
h. My sister is working on her Ph.d thesis after completing an M.A from Chennai University.
i. When is your birthday?
j. Dr. Mahindra had done his MBBS from Kolkata Medical College.

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