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Solve this: CTY1618.PH4—JEEM-PCM- This part contains 30 multiple choice questions. Each question has four choices (f which ONLY ONE is correct. The range of f(x) = —x3 + x2 —x+ cos-l x, x € 10,11 is 1. 2 The extreme values of the function f(x) = ,n€N, are denotes G.I.F.) +[cosnx-1Jx€ — 2'2

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fx = -x3+x2-x+cos-1xdifferrentiate f'x  = -3x2+2x-1-11-x2f'x  = -3x2-2x+1-11-x2Discriminant of 3x2-2x+1D =b2-4ac  =4-12=-8<03x2-2x+1>0    ...eq1 for all x using eq1 f'x<0then function is decreasingfor x0,1fmax = f0 = 0+0+0+cos-10=π2fmin  =f1  =-1+1-1+cos-11  =-1+0=-1range -1,π2

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