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Solve this: m•tehle;• in •••t•ge, vulgar di•pl.y Record your experience or •ucb marriage in your diary in •bout Editing paysaees hase not been edited. There is error in line. Write the incorrect and correction against each line. the "bole pasoge. (b) (c) (c) (b) (d) Spending time in your kids bring immediate as well as long term gain for the parents_ According to a research. children Of a involved parent were nu•re efficient and get in better With their peers. Surbhi : I wished to know about the tour programme your company Offers. AIM' kindly let me the amount what I have to pay. Also Ict know if there was any discount available? let me know What are the Of payment? Travel Agent : I Will certainly. if I am also allow to SJkak. Sachin Tendulkar is a best cricketer in India. He play for more then 20 years for a country. He take retirement from the game this year. He is know his skill in betting and fielding. Last weak the super thief caught in Pune by the Pune rx»lice. He was arrest from hotel in the city. According to the he have then cases 0t theft against him

1.  Incorrect                  Correct
a.   in                             with
b. bring                         brings
c. gain                           gains
d. a                                an
e. were                          are
f. in                               along
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can u pls tell me the whole ques5
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