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ii. If a cell undergoes any error in cellular metabolism, lysosome can digest that cell with the help of hydrolytic enzymes present within them, so they are known as suicidal bag of the cell.

iii. Omnis cellula e cellula is one of the postulates of cell theory given by Rudolf Virchow in 1858. It means that new cells arise from pre-existing cells.

iv. Mitochondrion is a membrane-enclosed organelle found in eukaryotic cells.

Mitochondria are responsible for the production of most of the energy (or ATP) in cells. Therefore, mitochondria are also known as the power house of cells. A mitochondrion is composed of two lipid membranes, enclosing the matrix. The inner membrane gets folded to form numerous cristae. Cristae are the main site for ATP production. Mitochondrial matrix contains mitochondrial DNA and ribosomes.

Functions of mitochondria:

  • They produce energy required for cells in the form of ATP.

  • They also regulate the free calcium ion concentration in the cytosol.

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