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Solve this: If three vectors ä, b, é are such that a O and ä x b 2ä x é, = = l, and the angle be- tween b and c is cos -1 —, then b — 2é = where is equal to 4 (c) 2 (d) 14. If b and are any two non-collinear mutually perpendicular unit vectors and is any vectors then bxé b x C is equal to: 2 (a) (c) (d) None ofthese If äand b are two unit vectors such that + 26 and 5ä — 4b are perpendicular to each otherthen angle between ä and b is . (b) 1 cos- 3 2 (d) cos- '6' Let 2i + j — k and = i + 3k. If ü isaunitvector, thenthemaximumvalueofthescala •roduct lü is : 60 59 vectors and b where a, 6 and are unitvectors satisfying + b + 2 3

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