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Solve this: 5. Read the following sentences. 'den'iiy ibe "ansitive a. One day Viciyaswr an Engli•sh Officer. (transitive verb) b. The Officer was seated on his chair. c. He had put his booted feet on the table. d. Vidyasagar sat On the chair in front Oi him. e. The English officer was insolent. f. He didn't put his feet down. g. Vidyasagar was insulted. h. Much later, the officer came to Vidyasagais office. i. Vidyasagar behaved similarly. j. He taught the officer that everybody needed to be treated witl

Dear Student,
Given below are the answers to your question.

2. seated - transitive
3. put - transitive
4. sat - transitive
5. was - intransitive
6. put - intransitive
7. was - intransitive
8. came - transitive
9. behaved -  intransitive
10. taught - transitive

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