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Solve this: Read the following sentences from the above passage and identify the subiect . the predicate in each sentence. a. Do you want to know what we did last Saturday? subject predicate b. We went to the zoo. . Our class teacher, along with some other teachers, accompanied us. My best friend Mita didn't come with us. How I missed her that day! Carry sufficient water and a white cap with you. Obey your teachers. Ve wore coloured clothes and white caps. Ye enjoyed our trip very much.

b. We- subject; went to the zoo - predicate
c. Our class teacher - subject; accompanied us - predicate
d. My best friend Mita - subject; didn't come with us - predicate
e. I - subject; her that day - predicate
f. water - subject ; and a white cap with you - predicate
g. teachers - subject; obey - predicate
h. We - subject; wore coloured clothes and white caps - predicate
i. We - subject; enjoyed our trip very much - predicate

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