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Solve this: n cots During the course Of evolution was material. Give reasons by first the that can act as genetic material amå in the of differences between DNA and RNA. can ac.' as a genet.e maferia' must should be able to generate ds replica It should chemically and structurü•i Oe stable, ' sh3u\d orovide the scope tor slow changes

Dear student,
RNA came first and later on life switched to DNA-based inheritance. RNA evolved to store and expresses genetic information and causes the chemical reactions necessary to copy it. But the single-stranded RNA is unstable and can be damaged by enzymes. So, by using deoxyribose sugar instead of ribose, stable DNA evolved to pass genetic information with accuracy. Therefore during evolution DNA was chosen over RNA.
The criteria of a molecule to act as a genetic material are:

It should be present in all cells.
It must be able to replicate.
It must be able to store information in stable form.
It must be able to express information.
It must be able to pass characters from parent to offspring.
It must allow variation by mutation.

Difference between DNA and RNA are given below:-

It is double stranded nucleic acid. It is single stranded nucleic acid.
It contains deoxyribose sugar. It contains ribose sugar.
It contains Thymine (T) as a nitrogenous base. It contains Uracil (U) instead of Thymine.
It is the genetic and hereditary material of the cells. It is involved in synthesis of proteins.
It is present in the nucleus of the cells. It is present in both nucleus and cytoplasm.


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