Solve this:

If he prepares well for the interview, he will be selected for the job.
This option is correct.

The other options require some changes to be correct:
If he had prepared well for the interview. he would have been selected for the job.

If he prepared well for the interview, he would be selected for the job.

The conditionals are mainly of three types: Type 1 conditional, Type 2 conditional, Type 3 conditional.
1. Type 1 expresses realistic situations.
Usually present tense verb is used in both clauses: If I drink all the milk, I will have an upset stomach.
2. Type 2 expresses highly unlikely situations.
the verb in 'if' clause is in past, in 'would' clause is in present tense: If I won the lottery, I would buy a Mercedes.
3. Type 3 talks about a situation in the past.
usually expresses regret: If I had done my homework, I would not have been punished.

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no 2and no 1 and 3 are wrong 
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