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Solve this: 41. going Spain nextyear." 43 The - I'm wrry. have to work overtime this week." -Global iS anomalies in weather patter,u The s 45 "'ve only u B) of the (have) (go) to the mountains last weekend. While they „ Ear-tor„ (take) him to the down the They (visit) him twice in hospital Since that time. The man and the dcRtorSsay he (visit) him yesterday, they (be) very happy and (leave) the hospital SOOn_ When Bar (take) him a bunch Of flowers. The mar (thank) them. Mr. Barton now says he next weekend at the seaside and he e n accidents, (u-company) a renowned scholar for a meal in a local restaurant wherethe orderRå for two fish. A few minutes later. the waiter brought outa platter with two one of which was quite a bit bigger than the other. Nasruddin (take) the bigger fish. (Give) Nasruddin a look ofintense disbelief, the scholar told him that whathe (5) ....(do) was not selfish but also ......(6)-.-, (violate) the principles of good etiquette. Nasruddin listened to the philosoph patiently andsaid, "Well, Sir, what would you _ „ (do)?" "I, being a gentleman, ...(8)-..,. (take) the smaller fish for myself. And here you arg" said Nasruddin "and (place) the smaller fish on the scholars plate Add a suitable question tag: -She's from a small town in china. hey are on their way already. e're late already. -'o not have the tickets.

Dear Student,
Given below is the answer to the first question. Kindly post the other in a separate thread.
  • went
  • were having
  • fell
  • took
  • have visited
  • is
  • will leave
  • visited
  • took
  • was
  • thanked
  • will be spending
  • is hoping
  • won't be
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