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Solve this: (a-lets!) •sugu UASOI JO (Me e!ptll u! punoj Sleuauyu asaquo (a.reF!) •moa Rq pmdu101 umu e Rue}N (aja,w /sem) •qmetu atp le pue Roq pa.u03 smuelq u! •01 •otU 0) po,sem pue •101 •IOAOJ poq •mea poms aus Jumuoo POUUUOO sezfi OH passaad pmcuo •A •Kepuns •smnu!tu e u! tooqos •ssooons Kul •pecuqe itJ!0i poqs!uy oq mnoqs vom •A! atu pmetmexfiuoo snol!sap s! Rpoq,ü3AE1 qum syuqq u! •6

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10. i. were
ii. is
iii. is
iv. is

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