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Solve this 9. Do as directed: Fill in the blanks in the following sentences by using the verbs given in brackets in the Simple Past Tense. 2. S. 5. 6. 7. 9. The Principal. ..... all those who tried to break the rules. {punish) I-ast year, I a conference in Chennai. (attend) ...„. hard and . solution. (think, find) When Rafi Seven years old, his father (be, die) The players the stadium carrying torches. (enter) my leg when was dancing.(break) at p.m. (occur) The accident . her for what she had done for me. He . brother. not . (thank) „ his (help) part in the (take) 10. drama ? 12, The teacher Ile IL She. 15. She to oner prayers. 16. pandit Nehru (visit) the zoo last year . him last Monday (punish) fruits and vegetables. (live) up at five everyday. (get) to the Golden Temple daily every' year. 17. The poor old woman very carefully. IS. At Shimla I „ two weeks. (go) . a visit to Manuli (pay) the road (cross) with uncle (stay)

Dear Student,
Following are the answers:
1. punished
2. attended
3. thought, found
4. was, died
5. entered
6. broke
7. occured
8. thanked
9. could, help
10. Could, take
11. visited
12. punished
13. lived
14. gets
15. goes
16. paid
17. crossed
18. stayed

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