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Solved all question tal i, kept an the the . on the due liquid Calculate liquid surface of a lake? 10"Pa, préssur, P. • 1.01 J. You rnay take and den.iry ot m flask • Colculate the Oqua pr—ure and thrust on the the flask An w-arr 125 m If a small plate Mea iS at the bottom Of thrust due to on this A by in the are in with cm and oil find the density Oil. Also, find the relative density Oi Oil. 8. A mercury pressure 7S column the o i water column for pressure Given Oi mercury 13.6 kg and 9. in Water pipe ground Of a building is 1.5 whereas the pressure on the is 0.9 • I Calculate Of the Take g 10. Calculate the barometer reading at a place Where pressure bar. Given density mercury is kg IL A srn_au metallic piece weighs g and its volume is 20 em'- It is immersed in water, Calculate the and the metallic piece. 2. At "ca level, the atmospheric pressure is 76 cm of mercury. If air pressure falls linearly by 10 mm Of men-wy for m of a«ent. calculate height of a hill where 'he barometer reading is 70 an of column. An object Weighs 3.2 N in air and 2.7 N completely water. Calculate the in weight oi the object in wat" (b) upthrt.t obß•ct, and relative density of the object. u. volume SO weighs in contpletely immersed in a liquid of 09 Firni upthrust due to the liquid, and (b) I Of in the liquid. 15. A body weigh, 350 gf in air and 210 in weight of the bvuiy, (b) upthrust on the bod (C) relative d«msity of the body. (d) density M body. and (e) volume of the body. Given that d o' water g cm • of brass weigt-b g in air g 16: A pim.•c immergd in water The density of water g (a) What is the upthrust on brass piece? (b) What is the volume of brass piece? (c) What is the density Of brass piece? 17. An icelwrg of density 917 kg mo floats on sea density 1026 kg m A. What of the oi remains submerged in water? IS. A article floats on water with of its lying above the water surface. If density of 1.0 10' kB m-3. then find the density Of 19. Mass Of a wooden block is 24.0 kg and its volume is 0.04 m'. Find the (a) density of wood, (b) volume of wooden blcxk tx•low the watc•r when i' floats on water surface. Given that density" water = kg m 20. A hollow iron ball of volume 200 cm3 weighs g- floats on water surface. Calculate the (a) effective density of the steel ball, (b) fraction Of volume oi ball which is above water surface. and (c) appar« VA-eight of the ball While floating. Given that of water is g cm 21. A piece of wood of uniform cross-section and heigh 18 Cm floats vertically with its height 13.5 cm• water and 12 cm in a given liquid. Find the Of the wood and the liquid. Take density Of I I O g cm-3 22. A slab of ice (density kg has a volumed' 12K" slab floats in saturated saltish sols/ of density 100S kg m•. Find the volume of ice remaining above the solution surface. 23. A hollow cylinder closed at one end weighs 85 g It floats vertically in a liquid of density 1.2 g c' When 35 g of lead shots are poured into it. Of immersion Of cylinder is 10 cm. Calculate (a) upthrust. and (b) area Of cross-section Of 25. A •

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