Solved example of Note making

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ollowing steps are to be followed while note-making:

1.Read the text. Underline the important information/main words or phrases of the text.

2. Re-read the text and as you read ask yourself questions and answers based on the reading of the text. The questions should cover the following points: 

(a) What is the text about?

(b) What is the main/central idea of the text?

(c) What are the associated ideas, if any?

(d) What are the subordinate ideas, if any?

3. Write down the main points with the answers of the questions. The points are to be written without the full forms of the verbs. Two or three ideas that are related can be included in one point. Colons and long dashes are used while making notes.

4. Read the points and number them. This step can easily be carried out mentally while going through Steps 2 and 3.

5. Go through the facts and finally number them again (based on divisions and sub-divisions).

Kindly go through the study material provided on our website, where you would find some solved examples of the same.


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Note making?involves technical writing and summarizing of any subject. Here are the topics that one needs to keep in mind while note making.

1. Thoroughly read the subject or chapter in question.

2. Draw a heading that defines the idea of the topic clearly.

3. Next, one must segregate various sub-topics in the subject and fit them under their respective?sub-headings or sub-titles.

4. One must decide the main points in the sub-topics and jot them down. The format can be maintained in two styles; either paragraph style or point wise.

5. One must take care that there should not be detailed explanations. The points must be to the point. Use of abbreviations is suggested.

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