Some question I have done but I want to compare my and with yours so plzzz manage to give some time to this also Write a combination reaction in which two gases combine. What change in colour is observed when silver chloride is exposed to sunlight? What type Of chemical is this? How can you help your mother in keeping the fried items so that they do not develop a bad smell and their shelf life is increased? rite any two limitations ofa chemical equation. alance the following chemical equations:- Fech + NH,OH —y + NH4Cl Naasaog + Na2S406 + Nal Distinguish between exothermic and endothermic reaction. Amongst the following reactions, identity the exothermic reaction and the endothermic reaction:- Heating coal in air to from carbon dioxide. Heating limestone on alime kilm to form quick lime. What is a redox reaction? When a magnesium ribbon burns in air with a dazzling flame and white ash, is magnesium oxidised or reduced? Why? Solid Calcium oxide was taken in a@ontainer and Water was added slowly to State two observations made in the experiment. Write the name of the chemical formula of the product. A compound "X" is an important ingredient or an antacid. It is also used in fire extinguishers. Identify "X'. What happens when crystals of washing soda are exposed to air? I . Explain giving reasons:- Tartaric acid is a component of baking powder used in making cakes- Oypsum is used in the manufacture of cement. 12. State reason for the following statements:- Tap water conducts electricity whereas distilled water does not. Dry hydrogen chloride gas does not turn blue litmus red whereas dilute hydrochloric acid does. During summer season, a milkman usually adds a very small amount Of baking soda to fresh milk, dilution of_acid, acid is added into water and not acid. •mmonia is a base¯but doesn't not contain hydröxyl group. 13. Write the chemical formula Of hydrated copper sulphate and anhydrous copper sulphate giving an activity illustrate how these are interconvertible. u. State the chemical properties on which the following uses of baking soda are based:- as an antacid. as a soda acid fire extinguisher. 15. How will you teat for the gas which is liberated when hydrochloric acid reacts with an active 16. Define olfactory indicators. Name two substances which can be used as olfhc.tory indicators. 17. Explain the action of dilute hydrochloric acid on the following with chemical equations:- Magnesium ribbon Sodium hydroxide Crushed egg shell 18. A white coloured powder is used by doctors for supporting fractured hopes. Write chemical name and formula of the powder. When this white powder is mixed with water a hard solid mass is o tained. Write balanced chemical equation forthe change. 20. Describe an activity with diagram to illustrate thal the reaction of metal carbonates and metal bicarbonates with acids produces carbon dioxide. write the relevant equations of all the reactions that take place. Name any forms in calcium SOCIAL SCIENCE carbonate i*found in nature.

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