Sometimes, appearances can be deceptive. Elaborate with reference to "The Midnight Visitor".

Solution :-

The statement appearances can be deceptive seems accurate in the context of the chapter ' The Midnight Visitor'. Ausable did not seem to fit the general description of a spy. He was very fat and spoke German and French with a weird accent. He was still carrying an  American accent. He was also living in a very small room on the top floor of a building. Neither his appearance nor his lifestyle seemed to match the narrator's expectation of a spy. While he lacked the physical attributes associated with a spy, he was astute and clever. He got rid of Max without even using a weapon. He forced Max to jump out of the window by concocting a story of the police's arrival at the door and making him believe that there was a balcony outside his window. So, despite his deceptive looks, he was an able spy. 

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