Sometimes one has to go beyond the rule book in order to succeed in his profession. Substantiate with reference to Andrew’s character.

Joe and Susan were expecting a child and when the child was born, he was lifeless. Confused between addressing the child or the mom, who herself laid unconscious at the moment, Andrew chose to look after Susan first. He injected her with a few medicines and when he realised that her heart was regaining its strength, he turned towards the child. It was a boy in perfect shape. He suddenly remembered that it was a case of restricted oxygen supply and thus, he instructed the nurse to get hot and cold water.
The nurse, reluctant at first, got him what he needed and he juggled the child in hot and cold water simultaneously. After all his efforts, the child still lay lifeless. All others had already lost hope, while he continued with the procedures. Finally, the child heaved and got his breath. His body was no longer still, leaving everyone surprised. 
Andrew had certainly gone beyond the rule book to bring breath to the child. He had newly graduated from a medical school and had just begun his medical practice, that too as an assistant to a doctor. Most certainly, he should have followed the rule book or at least consult a senior doctor before carrying out the procedure to revive the child, but at times, one has to take action promptly. Had he waited for a senior doctor or followed the rules, the child would not be alive. He was a still born baby and was dead anyway. But, it is a doctor's duty to try saving a life even if there is  a slight hope. Andrew did try till the last, even when everyone had lost the hope, he kept trying. And only because of his efforts, Joe and Susan could call themselves to be blessed with parenthood. 

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We find Andrew Manson a clear headed person. He could resolve any issue. He didn't hesitate even to do any experiment. Plunging the child into the icy and hot waters turn by turn was a daring experiment. Similarly, rubbing and releasing the chest with a rough towel was another experiment that finally brought success to the doctor. In the end, Andrew was satisfied that he did everything whatever he was expected to do.
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