?Specific Bt Toxin gene is incorporated into cotton plant so as to control infestation
of Bollworm?. Mention the organism from which the gene was isolated and explain
its mode of action.

The organism is Bacillus thuringiensis


  • Bacillus thuringiensis is a gram-positive bacteria that produce Bt toxin that can kill some herbivorous insects. This toxin gene is incorporated into cotton plants to control bollworm.
  • When the caterpillar of insects that cause bollworm consume the cotton plant part the toxin gets into the body of the insect. This toxin becomes active in insect gut due to high pH.  
  • There this toxin binds to the gut lining of the insect and causes pores in the gut of bacteria. Insect stops eating after pore formation in its gut causing insects death..........
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