speech on demonitisation a boon to india 

Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- PM Modi made an announcement scrapping 500 and 100 rupee notes starting midnight of 8 November, 2016.
- The main aim of the move is to curb the flow of black money.
- It is a big clamp down on rampant corruption.
- The currency notes of 500 and 100 can be exchanged at banks till 30 December 2016 and then till March 31 2017 by providing ID proof.
- The dramatic development has shaken the very roots of corruption in Indian economy.
- Political parties have started making this an issue to disrupt proceedings in the two houses of parliament.
- They have even started provoking the working class to protest against this move.
- The public has been requested to stay calm and co-operate.  
- Long queues have been seen at ATM machines and banks, with some reports of unruly behaviour by the public waiting in serpentine queues for hours.
- The public has definitely been inconvenienced, but 'there is no gain without pain'!
- There have been reports of severe fall in business transactions as people are waiting and watching the market trend.
- The small scale vendors have seen a fall in their daily sale and are scared they may go into major losses.
- Seasonal markets are feeling the cash crunch as the common man is spending less under the given circumstances.
- But, this could be a temporary setback to the economy and may eventually pay rich dividends as the parallel black money economy fails.
- Inspite of the inconveniences, the common man has hailed this move that hopes to eradicate black money and corruption as it is a sure step to progress and prosperity.

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