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speech on "empowering the girl child is the best way to empower the nation".


Amrita Hazra , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 17/6/11

Hi Kirti,
You can take the following points into consideration while preparing your speech:
-  Definition of women empowerment;
-  Girl child is the future of every nation and India is no exception;
-  Social scenario of India;
-  Conventional norms and age-old practices of our society, such as dowry, female feticide, sex determination, etc.
-  Importance of educating the female mass;
-  Efforts by Government to empower women in India;
-  Example of statements made by worldwide organizations, for instance, UNICEF stated that “Education is a fundamental human right: Every child is entitled to it”;
-  Examples of movies, books, blogs, articles,  slogans and quotes on girl child, women empowerment and policies of the government.
-  Conclusion with your viewpoints on the importance of women empowerment and girl child on a primary level.
Hope the above points help you frame your speech.
Keep posting!
Your response is precious to our forum!
Best wishes!

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