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‘Our respected teachers and my dear friends’

It is a very special day at school today, School Foundation Day. It falls on the 18th of June every year. Would you like to know why this particular date has been chosen? Because, it is the day when our school started its journey 50 years back with just 89 students. Our school was the first non municipal school of Dahisar built by residents of Dahisar for the local children. Before 1962, the children from Dahisar used to go to distant schools often involving railway travel. So, may I first of all pay the gratitude on behalf of all the students to the founder members of the school. Without these noble minds and their sincere efforts, we would not have been sitting here in this temple of knowledge for celebrating the ‘Golden Jubilee’ year of the school.

The temple of knowledge kept expanding room by room starting with 89 secondary marathi students in 1962 then to pre-primary sections in 1972 then to primary sections in 1982 then to all the sections of both the mediums in 1992 and now to new school building accommodating 5000 students. The school has been trend setter and has played a leading role for the aspiring student community.

The most important fundamental that I like about my school is the mission of our school i.e. “Prajwalito Dyanamay Padeepaha” which means “a lamp of knowledge had been lit and that all may bathe in its sight”. The school has been successful in this mission all along the years by providing all round development of the children. There are many big schools in Mumbai which charge big fees to the students, but I can proudly say that our school is the only school in my knowledge which provides education to socially deprived class.

The school has been successful in creating talents in different parts of the society in the roles of engineers, doctors, artists, actors, and politicians. This achievement is possible only with the capable teachers and the love and care that they show towards the students. On this occasion, we must express deep gratitude to all our teachers who help us learn not just the lessons from the books but also qualities that make good human beings. The manners and the opportunities that they provide help us to show and develop the hidden talents and skills. This is the reason why this school is also known as “Samannanchi Asamanya Shala”

Dear Friends, just like other ex-students, we also should aim to contribute to the school development after passing out from the school. This is the only way we can make our school more better. Fellow students, it is not just enough to say “Thank You” to our school. The best way we can show our gratitude is to grow into worthy citizens of this nation and this world.

Avani V. Newrekar, Std. VII-B

not of my school as my school is in Dubai . This speech is of Vidya Mandir Dahisar School .

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